VALORANT: Sage Guide. Sage is the go-to support Agent in VALORANT. She still relies massively on gunplay, but is one of the only Agents who can directly heal another. Not only that, but she’s capable of reviving allies who’ve died, and conjure walls to directly stop the path of opposition players. Needless to say, she’s pretty much a mandatory pick at this point: the revive simply has so much potency.

Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults, she provides a calm center to a hellish battlefield.


  • The only Agent who can revive others
  • Also the only Agent who can directly heal other players
  • Her Ice Wall buys invaluable time for her and her team
  • Slow Orb has a large radius, allowing her to zone enemies


  • No damaging abilities
  • Her Resurrection isn’t quick and leaves her vulnerable
  • Slow Orb can be easily avoided due to all maps having multiple routes
  • Her heal is effectively a HoT. It won’t take you to full instantly.


As the only true Support Agent in VALORANT, there’s no surprise to see that Sage’s kit revolves heavily around mitigation, sustain and zoning. All her abilities outside Slow Orb take time, and when used, often leave her stationary. Even though you’ll still need to be a competent shooter, Sage is a little more forgiving in comparison to her peers, in the sense that she can hang back and let her stronger allies take the lead.

  • Slow Orb – Cast out a radianite orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact with the ground. All caught in the field are slowed, grounded, and make noise when moving.
  • Barrier Orb – Conjure a large, solid wall. Right-click to rotate the wall before casting.
  • Signature Ability: Healing Orb – Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.
  • Ultimate: Resurrection– Target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them with full health.


Tips & Tricks

  1.  Slow Orb can be used in a team-fight, not just as a precaution when you and your team are bunkering down.
  2. Be liberal with Healing Orb. Its cooldown is fairly forgiving, and it’ll absolutely give your team an edge.
  3. If you’re wanting to revive a team-mate, try not to do it in the open. It’s just asking for you to be killed.
  4. Use Barrier Orb to re-position. It isn’t just for slowing enemies down as they make their way to your objective.
  5. When attacking opponents, throw your Slow Orb in early. If nothing else, you’ll get to hear where they’re moving so you’ve a better idea of where they’re hidden.

Have a tip or trick you’d like to add to our VALORANT: Sage Guide? Let us know and we’ll update them here!


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