Wild Rift Beginners Guide. For anyone starting out in Wild Rift, it’s important to understand the basics. While the game follows most of the major principals of League of Legends, there’s some key differences. We’ve paired up with Excoundrel to bring you all the key information you need, from the user interface and its store, to the Loadout Tab and Split Pushing.

This guide not only provides an accessible overview, but plenty of hints and tips you’ll need to quickly find your feet. Make no mistake, despite the mobile play of Wild Rift, it still has plenty of depth and complexity that you’ll need to learn to truly master the game.

Don’t Die

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice we can give, but don’t die. Whether you’re top lane against a solo opponent, or bottom against a pair. Dying has enormous consequences in Wild Rift. Repeatedly dying will feed your opponent, allowing them to punish you more, and your team.

Considering you can solo carry in Wild Rift, doing this pretty much ensures you’re tilting your entire team, and giving the opposition every chance to win. Play safe, aggressive only when needed, ward plenty, and use your Tower.

Have Flexibility

Building on the above, it’s incredibly important that when you go pursue Draft/Ranked that you don’t just play one Champion. I really can’t stress this enough. Players that only have a tiny pool of go-to Champions are at a huge disadvantage. You need to not only choose your ideal positions (mid, top, bot, support or jungle).

For myself, I love mid and top, and although top lane is weak in this meta (in comparison to bot, mid or jungle), it’s a role I’m comfortable in and one in which I feel I can carry.

Knowing multiple Champions within your preferred lane ensures that if the opposing team do make solid, tactical bans, you aren’t going to be instantly neutered. Usually, 3-4 Champions per lane position is more than enough.

Secure Meta Champions

In our Wild Rift Beginners Guide – and I really cannot stress this enough – try to secure meta Champions early. There’s no denying some Champions are stronger than others, and as unfortunate as it is that some Champions drop out of the meta, it’s incredibly important that your team secure the “best” as quickly as possible. At the time of writing, the following Champions are the backbone of most teams.

Whilst there are other Champions, should these be unavailable, they are undoubtedly a set of characters that will give you and your team the best start. Securing as many of these is a must, but always remember to have flexibility for counter picking: it’ll massively help you on how to reach challenger rank in Wild Rift.

Accept You Will Lose

Possibly the best advice I can give: never expect to win every match. The key to climbing is to simply win more than you lose. If you accept that you can’t control what Champions your team picks, how they play or what they’ll do in game, you’ll also feel instantly better. My worst series of losses was 14 in a row; I simply couldn’t win anything. I ended up falling down the ladders. It was awful and at the time, I got really stressed with my team mates and all their failings. After taking a break and realizing it isn’t something I can control, I focused entirely on my own play, my positioning and rotations. It made a huge difference, and in just a day, I’d recovered all my losses and gained on where I started. If you can learn from your losses, you’ll be much better positioning to climb.

Learn Rotations

It’s amazing to see, even at the highest rank possible, players still pursue poor rotations. If you want to learn how to reach challenger rank In Wild Rift, you need to understand there’s a time and a place for soaking, lane pushing, freezing, or heading to the Drake.

While I won’t make any suggestions on when you should do these things (that comes with practice), it’s important to remember such things as protecting the Baron (if you can), gravitating towards the Drake when it’s up (if your team can take it down), securing a Tower if you aren’t extending too far, and joining a team-fight when you hit the mid to late game.

There’s no magic button on this one, but if nothing else, follow the instructions of players who are clearly doing well (or clued up) – and be sure to aid in team-fights when you can (especially Drake).

  • [00:49] – Wild Rift Beginners Guide: the UI
  • [01:53] – The Store
  • [03:15] – The Loadout Tab
  • [05:11] – The Practice Mode
  • [06:17] – Settings
  • [13:10] – Custom Button Layouts
  • [13:56] – The Map
  • [15:50] – The Jungle and Monster Explanations
  • [18:45] – The “Lane Meta” (what teams look like)
  • [22:06] – Items, Runes and Summoner Spells
  • [23:21] – CSing (killing minions for gold)
  • [24:20] – The Shop
  • [25:01] – Wards
  • [25:45] – Leveling up
  • [26:26] – Attack Moving
  • [27:06] – Split Pushing
  • [27:49] – Counter Jungling
  • [28:25] – Ganking
  • [28:55] – Peeling
  • [29:19] – Champion Suggestions for new Players in Each Role

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