Yorick Build Guide. Yorick is a Champion that has sort-of fallen out of the meta. He’s great at solo queue climbing, and his push-power is unmistakable. However, his value is strictly to push. His team-fight potential is limited, and unless he’s fed (where he can one-shot squishy Champions), he’s more of a bruiser than anything else.

That said, he’s one of my favorite Champions and in the right hands, is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Not only can he push lanes incredibly quickly, but he can carry just about any match if he continues to push while the opposing team undertakes objectives.

If you get kills under your belt, Yorick quickly ramps up, and can not only trade comfortably with most Champions, but if his Ultimate is available, bring them down a peg incredibly quickly. Just be aware that Yorick needs excellent positioning, relies heavily on said Ultimate, and struggles when being kited.


Yorick Build Guide


  • Grasp of the Undying purely for the additional damage when it’s charged, but also for the health return. When paired with Second Wind, it gives great sustain. It also lops off a fair amount of early match health.
  • Demolish is a no-brainer for Yorick. He’s all about pushing a lane, so being able to deal a massive blow to Towers when up against them, ensures he’s terrifying mid to late game.
  • Second Wind purely for lane sustain. It pairs in with Grasp of the Undying, to provide even more self-healing when you’re under poke pressure.
  • Overgrowth gives you health for every minion you kill, or is killed near you. It’s that little bit of extra sustain and survivability.


  • Magical Footwear purely to save your gold, to allow you to spend on other things, but to also give you a solid movement speed boost at the 12 minute mark.
  • Approach Velocity simply because when you slow an opponent with your E, and they’re running from you, they can’t escape. You’ll catch them instantly.


Top Lane


Teleport is a must for Yorick, simply because it’s your job to push and rotate lanes as much as humanly possible. If you can push one, and immediately teleport to another, it puts enormous pressure on the enemy team.

Fiora Build GuideFlash is mandatory in this Yorick Build Guide. As a Champion with no mobility, without a long distance leap, you need it to not only avoid and gank reliably, but also dive to finish off enemies. Not having Flash will pretty much limit any potential you have throughout the duration of a match.

Ability Order

  • Maxmize Last Rites (Q) first. It’s your primary means of summoning your souls, and dealing massive damage to enemies.
  • Unlock Mourning Mist (E) second. It’s your primary means of slowing enemies, controlling your summoned souls, and hunting enemies trying to escape you.
  • Grab Dark Procession (W) third. Don’t bother upgrading it until last. It’s just a wall you need.
  • Get your Ultimate (Eulogy of the Isles (E)) fourth, and upgrade it at every opportunity. It’s paramount to your lane push.


Our image (below) is your final Yorick build guide, and built in order. Pursuing these items will allow you to perform as well as you can, against any lane opposition. Please see Variables to adapt the build.

Starting Items

  • Corrupting Potion
  • Warding Totem

First Back

  • Sheen
  • Phage
  • Boots of Speed

Final Build 

  • Ninja Tabi
  • Trinity Force
  • Icebourne Gauntlet
  • Spirit Visage
  • Black Cleaver
  • Warmog’s Armor


DariusDarius will always be a threat to Yorick because his burst and bleeding are just so high. You can pressure him with your summons, and wall him off, but that’s about it. The moment you go in melee range, he’ll absolutely hammer you. If he’s level 6, you’re done for. He’s also good at killing your Ultimate, thus seriously hurting your lane push.

Maokai Build GuideGaren is potent purely because of his AoE clear, silence and execute. He can comfortably push back your minions, clear them all and then dive you. If you miss a single wall, he’ll punish you near instantly. When he gets just a little bit of gear, it’s game over.

FioraFiora is a tough matchup for Yorick. She can zip out your wall, clear your summons the moment she gets her early items, and she can deny most of your burst potential. When she has her Ultimate, she’ll kit and run rings around you for days.

Maokai Build GuideRenekton is a terror to Yorick. Tons of mobility, sustain and an incredible stun, he absolutely batters you early doors. He’ll quickly clear your summons, wipe your Ultimate, and punish you with real ease.

VayneVayne is a monster on top lane as Yorick, simply because she’s so mobile and her damage so high. She’ll poke you all day long, avoid most of your abilities, and you’ll rarely reach her. Definitely one to ban, and if you can’t, ask your team to.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Yorick passively summons Rift Walkers by killing minions, or can force a summon by last-hitting a minion with his Q. You’ll be able to bring them above ground when you’ve three stacked in lane. Use this to then quickly snag an enemy with your E (Mourning Mist) for a quick dive.
  2. You can only control your minions with your E. Whether it’s to force them down lane, or to attack an enemy Champion. Don’t waste it on poking the enemy, unless you’ve summons available, or if your Mourning Mist will kill the opponent.
  3. Your summons are powerful against squishy Champions. They don’t have much value against tanks: they’ll barely scratch them.
  4. If you summon three Mist Walkers, and leave the lane, they’ll continue to push down it. Use this time to rotate.
  5. Your Mist Walkers can last hit for you, allowing you to stand back as they work their magic against the opposing minions.
  6. Last Rites (Q) deals massive damage, and heals you. Only engage when you have it. Ideally, also with Grasp of the Undying active.
  7. Last Rites directly summons your Mist Walkers, when you’ve three in lane. You can only have a fourth when your Ultimate is active.
  8. Use Dark Procession (W) to zone enemies who are trying to dive you. It can also be used to slow a minion wave, or to simply block opponents in the Jungles tight corridors.
  9. Your ideal rotation when attacking an enemy Champion, is to have 3 Mist Walkers and your Ultimate active. Wall them with Dark Procession, hit them with Mourning Mist (E) and then run at them for a heavy Last Rites hit (Q). With items, it can pretty much one-shot squishy Champions.
  10. Try to hold your lane until you hit level 6. It’s at that point you can turn the screw and push heavily with your Ultimate.
  11. Be aware that your Ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, only has limited control. You can direct it to attack a Champion with your E, but that’s about it. If you don’t want it to follow an opponent into a Tower, you need to walk in the opposite direction, quite some distance.
  12. If you’ve Teleport active, try to hard push one lane with your Ultimate, release it down the lane, and then switch to another. It’s a rapid double push that’s hard to deal with.
  13. Try to keep your Ultimate alive as long as possible. It saves you having to summon Mist Walkers as it does it automatically. Doing this allows you to grab 3 in each lane, as you rotate, you can let them loose.

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